Welcome to SAIRUNG FOUNDATION campaign for volunteering towards social community issues projects that encourage the art of volunteerism among the “Aam Aadmi” to join this popular people’s movement. This mass movement will involve lakhs of ordinary Indians to explore and generate awareness about volunteerism in our country so that the collective will of the people can bring about significant changes for the betterment of the society. It is an opportunity for all citizens to contribute to the growth & development, especially rural areas, by being a part of this noble initiative.

SAIRUNG FOUNDATION, A Public Charitable Trust, invites participants, volunteers, students, retired professionals and staff/employees from MNCs/Corporates to join us in our various social community causes from time to time. We appeal to your passion to work selflessly with us in whatever capacity you can and/or are comfortable with your area of influence for a social change. Anyone can join us in various projects where you want to volunteer, in which capacity you want to volunteer for and for whatever amount of time you wish to volunteer for. Just be involved!

Every citizen of INDIA above 5 years of age (with consent of parents/guardian in case of minors) can become a member/volunteer without fee irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion, sex etc. Our Volunteers derive free benefits and can take part in urban and rural activities like joining our committees and interacting with civic & Government authorities, implementing projects & attending seminars on topics related to our mission which will be addressed by experts and eminent personalities.

Our Volunteers drawn from various strata of society will develop a positive attitude and confidence that they can be instruments of change and make a difference in improving the quality of life of citizens and thereby get immense joy, inner peace and satisfaction, which in our humble opinion is the biggest benefit they can derive from our NGO by giving back to the society!

SAIRUNG FOUNDATION (NGO) operates from a modern, well equipped and functional office which is located in a prestigious building in the heart of PUNE city. After expanding and stabilizing our activities in PUNE, we will start our social community services in all major cities of INDIA.

You can make a difference by joining SAIRUNG FOUNDATION.


Sairung Foundation has started working on the projects aimed at capacity building of the poor, skill development for the youth and also education to the children of the families below poverty level.

By Volunteers

We needs your support for social reforming. It will keep growing by the day. We welcomes all people, young or old, to come & volunteer to reach out to more & more needy. Both in normal times & in times of natural disasters, volunteers have an active role to play. You all can help to bringing a smile on others faces.

By raising fund

Sairung Foundation requires funds to bring the change to a reality. Any donations from you, be it small or large, will go towards a deserving cause. Donations made individually or through a group of like-minded people, enable us to carry out our missions of change. Any financial donations will also get the benefit of Tax.

As an Institution

Sairung Foundation actively seeks to partner with Organizations, Charities, Trusts and Institutions to bring the benefits of specialized expertise and the power of generous grants and endowments to the needy. We request & International National donor agencies & trusts for a long time support by contributing generously for the cause.

As a Corporate

We run a whole gamut of Programs to enable enlightened corporate houses to sponsor the cause as part of their CSR policy. Some of the most well known names from the Private & Public sectors have been consisting supporters of these program of Setting up of cottage industries in rural areas, women & child, skill development programs etc.